BL-103A Portable Dental X-ray

Korea Quality/ Warranty:2 Years/ Toshiba X-ray Tube/ Battery: Made in Korea


Charger Input Voltage: AC100V~240V±10%

Tube Voltage:60kV(Fixed)

Tube Current: 2mA(Fixed)

Time setting range:0.01-1.6 second(0.01 sec step)

X-ray Tube:

Type: Stationary anode X-ray tube

Toshiba X-ray tube focal size:0.7mm

Target angle:19

Total filtration:1.6mm Al

(Inherent filtration:0.8mmAl,Fixed added filtration:0.8mmAl)

Display method: LCD Display


Rated Power:120VA

Focal Spot To Skin Distance:110mm

Charger Input Voltage: AC100V~240V±10%

Input Voltage: DC16.8V



Supply Frequency: 50/60Hz±1%

Radiation Leakage: <0.025mGy/h

Package Size:33x28x28cm

Korea Battery:DC16.8V

High voltage generating circuit: High frequency inverter method

X-ray control method: Controlled by the micro processor



1.Light weight for potinum hand-held use.

2.The least radiation exposure but high quality X-ray.

3.Micro-computer and specialized circuit that monitors and precisely regulates the exposure technique factors(kV,mA and exposure time).

4.Simple up and down arrows adjust exposure setting by 0.01 second(0.01-1.6sec).

5.Pres-programmed exposure time makes the operation fast and easy.

6.Uniquely designed internal lead shield protects the operator and the patient from dispersed radiation.

7.There chargeable battery can shoot 100 times per charge. It is more stable than the external power source in producing X-rays.


Voltage AC 100V ~ 240V ±10%,
Tube Voltage 60kVP(Fixed)
Tube Currect 2mA
Focus Size 0.7mm
Exposure Time 0.05~1.250 Sec with Digital Sensor ; 0.2~1.350 Sec with Film
N.Weight 1.8Kg
G.Weight 5Kg
Dimension 33x28x28CM
Warranty 2 Years


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